Join SX3

2010-10-27 17:52:50 by SX3Production

Looking for people that wanna have fun and enjoy making games. Have to be optimistic and not a quitter. Also dedicated. If your intreasted let me know and lets make this grow =D

Excited about new software im using which makes this all the much easier =D expect better games my friends and thanks for your nice comments and suggestions =D

Yea basically self explained hehe. I made to games to spread the chao love and a song just to see how the audio thing will do.

3 Flash games in 3 days!

2010-07-14 18:21:36 by SX3Production

Im trying to keep the train rolling and yall inspire me to continue =]

Lets Begin

2010-07-11 15:04:59 by SX3Production

ok my first flash game wasnt a killer but hey lets face it wat first flash is? I dont care if it wasnt state of the art or just drop down amazing, I just glad to be apart of NG and have a shot at my dream. So dont expect me to quit anytime soon because im shooting for the win =D.