Entry #5

Join SX3

2010-10-27 17:52:50 by SX3Production

Looking for people that wanna have fun and enjoy making games. Have to be optimistic and not a quitter. Also dedicated. If your intreasted let me know and lets make this grow =D


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2010-10-28 13:09:18

I could help make games and stuff, but im a one man company of my own. Srry i prefer making games under my own company name thingy that making it under others else i could have joined other gamer companies. :P


2010-10-28 13:12:03

Oh and good luck with your new game idea!

SX3Production responds:

Thanks and i understand but you still my buddy lmao


2010-10-29 15:55:11

kkk :)


2011-05-03 07:10:09

im pretty good with games. i use tgf2 though... im good with graphics. i could email it to you.


2011-05-23 21:54:21

I don't animate or make games. I'm purely a sound guy. I do voices and sounds mostly. If you want to see some of my work, you could check my profile. Thanks alot.


2011-07-25 09:35:20

we need a sound effects guy really badly.